Monday, March 29, 2010

Introduction to Telligent Community Integration Module for Sitecore

The Sitecore Shared Source Library has a lot of interesting and useful projects that are available for free. In this post I want to introduce the Telligent Community integration module. I will explain what the module does and show that it looks like in action.

Sitecore website that incorporates Telligent Community content.

For those of you who don't know, Telligent Community is a .NET-based system for building and maintaining communities. Inside Telligent Community, applications provide blog, wiki, forum and media gallery functionality.

So what does this integration do? Two things. The first is integrated security. Single sign-on between Sitecore and TC is supported. Sitecore can be used to manage TC users and roles.

The second is the ability to repurpose TC content in Sitecore. The integration provides a variety of ways to incorporate TC content into a Sitecore website, including a wizard that allows Page Editor users to select the TC content they want to use. It also provides a variety of ways to control how that content is presented, including a rich-text editor for building display templates.

I will save the technical details on how all this works for later posts. For now I want to focus on what the integration does rather than how it does it. The easiest way to do this is through some videos. And if you're only going to watch one video, I suggest video #2.

Video 1: Security integration features
This video covers the module's security integration features. It demonstrates how single sign-on works and how Sitecore is used for role management.

Security integration using the TC integration module 1.1.

Video 2: Content repurposing
The integration module provides a number of ways to repurpose content. This video explains these options. It also covers the "community component", which is a Sitecore control that allows Sitecore content authors to repurpose Telligent Community content through a wizard interface.

Content repurposing using the TC integration module 1.1.

Video 3: Controlling presentation logic
This video demonstrates how the integration module allows custom presentation logic to be defined in Sitecore and applied to Telligent Community content.

Controlling presentation logic using the TC integration module 1.1.

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  1. We are looking into integrating Telligent and Sitecore. Our developer is concerned that creating users in a Sitecore database may cause a security issue and make it easier to hack. What are the ramifications of integrating Telligent and Sitecore?

  2. Without knowing the specific security issue that your developer is concerned about, all I can offer is some general information about the product and the integration.

    Merely having an account in Sitecore doesn't provide the user with the ability to do much. Sitecore has a very rich set of authorization features that allow you to prevent website visitors, for example, from doing anything more than viewing content.

    As far as ramifications - and I'm assuming you're asking about security-related ramifications - Sitecore and Telligent continue to maintain their own security. This integration has no effect on that.

  3. Hi Adam,

    We successfully integrated SiteCore and Telligent thanks to your excellent video tutorials. Do you happen to know if you can pull in blog comments from the Community Component control? I'd like to have a feed of most recent comments in addition to an excerpt of the blog post.




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