Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting To Know "Getting to Know"

Hi there, and welcome to my blog. If I'm not mistaken, this blog has earned the distinction of being the first new Sitecore blog of 2010. Dubious, perhaps, but a distinction nonetheless.

Who am I?
In late 2009 I joined Sitecore as a Technical Architect. I'm a member of the Product Marketing team. As I've been telling my friends, the only bad part of the job is that it's not very easy to explain what I do. My responsibilities include making sure that people inside the company have the technical product knowledge they need in order to get their jobs done, and to help partners develop quality integration between Sitecore and external systems.

Prior to working at Sitecore, I worked at RedDot Hummingbird Open Text. My role there ranged from training to helping partners implement RedDot Open Text Web Solutions products. And before that I worked as a trainer, developer and consultant for content management and custom application development.

What is the purpose of this blog?
Eventually this blog will likely focus on integration topics, since working on integrations is one of my main responsibilities at Sitecore. I was inspired by the spirit of openness and sharing that I see at Sitecore, and I was eager to start sharing my experience and knowledge as soon as possible. But since the part of my job that deals with integrations won't be starting up for a little while, I had to think of something else.

Since I am not only new to the company but new to the product, I decided to blog about my experience learning Sitecore. I hope these posts will help people who are looking at or are new to the product see what it's like to enter the Sitecore world.

While I am new to Sitecore, I am not new to web content management. I may be learning features for the first time, but not the underlying concepts. I haven't been working with Sitecore long, but I already see that a number of the most intractable and pervasive problems people have with other WCM systems can be solved elegantly - or avoided altogether - using Sitecore. In addition to explaining features, I also hope to be able to explain why Sitecore's approach matters.

So thanks for reading. I hope you'll return!


  1. Hi Adam - Welcome, great angle you are taking!

  2. As a RedDot consultant interested in learning more about Sitecore, this is definitely a great blog to keep up with. I look forward to reading your articles!


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